Let's talk design.

Let's talk design.



What goes behind a design? Quite a lot actually.


It involves a message, inspiration...and copious amounts of coffee!


at VS/ORDR, we're all about branching out, testing, and pushing the boundaries when it comes to graphics. Stepping out your comfort zone is definitely a huge yes. As a creative, I always get inspiration from pretty much everything, from your surroundings, thoughts, or just talking to random people. The amount of ideas you can get from people is pretty amazing.

Personally I love coming up with random doodles. I highly recommend carrying around a small book to draw on if you're like me. Either waiting in the car, eating out or going on walks. You never know when creativity hits you!

Lately I've been concepting ideas for a bucket hat and graphic to put on there. Experimenting with different ideas, styles and messages. Thought I'd show you some behind the scenes on how I design!





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