New styles and experimenting!

New styles and experimenting!

Hey team! It's been a while!

When I first started this brand, I wanted it to be a way, an outlet of sorts to lean into my love for the grunge, lo-fi, and for a lack of a better word, "dirty" style of design using mixed media and much more, something I actually started out with learning design and visual communication.


Lately I've been obsessed with the style of 80's cartoon style. A style I've always shown interest in but never thought I'd be able to recreate.  So I wanted to experiment, with my more cleaner, simpler and minimalistic style of illustration yet still keeping the "dark" and gritty feel to them!


I'm currently working on the summer/spring collection so be sure to keep a lookout for concepts and confirmed drops!  In the meantime, Have some unrelated drawings to my brand and more of my personal work!

Much Love! 


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